Demographics & Workforce

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Beaumont is located in Riverside County, which is ranked as the most rapidly growing County in California. The county's growth has exceeded some of the most populous counties in the state including Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties, and is projected to grow faster than the state average. 

Beaumont has a robust working-age population, with a median age that is closely aligned with the US average of 38.8 years (US Census Estimates, 2021). There are slightly more females than males in Beaumont, a ratio that is marginally higher than the US average.

2010 Retail Trade Area Population
2023 Retail Trade Area Population
Beaumont Median Age
Male Residents
Female Residents

The average household in Beaumont brings in $100,060 in income annually. Beaumont’s average income, paired with the city’s affordability and lower cost of living in comparison to other California cities, equips residents with the opportunity for more disposable income and a higher quality of life. 

A Diverse, Inclusive Community

Beaumont prides itself in being a welcoming and diverse community. Beaumont boasts a large Hispanic population, and its unique culture and flair are represented in local establishments and Beaumont’s identity.

Race Distribution

Distribution by Hispanic or Latino Origin

White Alone 43.34%

Not Hispanic or Latino 54.55%

Black or African American Alone 8.42%

Hispanic or Latino 45.45%

American Indian and Alaska Native Alone 1.86%

Mexican 89.04%

Asian Alone 8.78%

Puerto Rican 1.67%

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Island Alone 0.24%

Cuban 2.19%

Some Other Race Alone 21.07%

All Other Hispanic or Latino 7.11%

Two or More Races 16.28%


A strong workforce is more than sheer numbers— its strength is determined by skills, reliability, and dedication. These values, along with Beaumont’s small-town lifestyle and residents’ strong work ethics, set the city and community apart from larger cities.

Beaumont boasts a labor shed of more than 50 miles, which is possible due to the network of highways that converge in our community. Beaumont proudly boasts a prime civilian labor force that is 30,000+ strong, as well as a 2.6 million labor force population within a 50-minute commute.

  • 58% White Collar

  • 23% Blue Collar

  • 19% Service & Farm

The highest employed industries in Beaumont are in the following industries: Sales/Related, Office/Admin. Support, Transportation/Moving, Management, Education/Training/Library, and Construction/Extraction.

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Skilled. Reliable. Dedicated.

The strength of workforce is like a three-legged stool comprised of Skills, Reliability, and Dedication. And that is what sets the workforce of suburban communities like Beaumont, apart from larger cities. 

Educational Attainment

Businesses succeed when they have access to a workforce that is diverse, highly educated, and skilled, and the workforce in Beaumont is just that. 35.52% of residents hold an associate’s, bachelor’s, graduate, or professional degree, and an additional 24.01% have some college under their belt.

  • Graduate or Professional Degree 8.35%

  • Bachelor's Degree 15.67%

  • Associate Degree 10.38%

  • Some College 26.58%

  • High School Graduate (GED) 27.78%