Target Industries

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Beaumont is focused on business recruitment, retention, and expansion with concentrations in several key sectors for growth and development. The city’s strategic location along I-10, strong regional infrastructure, available land, and skilled and educated workforce provide these industries with the tools they need for successful operations. Several key industries thrive in the local economy, including agriculture, food processing, retail trade, and miscellaneous manufacturing.

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Local-Serving Business

Local businesses are vital to the success of any city and provide a lifeline for the community and the economy. Revitalization plans and efforts are underway for Downtown Beaumont, which is an optimal, centralized location for retail, restaurants, and other local services typically found in a retail/downtown setting. Beaumont is a regional destination for retail shopping, with a continuing, strong population growth to support the industry.

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Beaumont is located in the center of a technology hub. The region’s tech industry is highly competitive and has experienced strong growth, a trend that is expected to continue. The technology workforce is abundant in Beaumont, and the city’s designated, developing industrial park and available land provide ample space for technology businesses wishing to relocate, expand, or start a business in Beaumont. Target industries include logistics technology, e-commerce fulfillment, data centers, management, scientific, technical consulting services, inland empire (IE), wholesale trade clusters.

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Select Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector has a strong presence in Beaumont, with specialized manufacturers ranging from watercraft elements to plastics and food/beverage manufacturing. Available land, an established industrial park, affordability, and existing workforce base make Beaumont highly attractive to the manufacturing industry. Beaumont’s manufacturing area and Union Pacific rail run parallel to I-10. Target manufacturing industries include food and beverage manufacturing; advanced/additive manufacturing, including, e.g., 3D printing activities; IE manufacturing clusters; and regional manufacturing, including food & beverage, building materials, metal products, machinery, equipment, furniture.

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Healthcare & Retirement

Due to the region’s elderly population segment and the proximity of the surrounding population, the Healthcare and Retirement industry is in high demand in Beaumont. The city’s growing population has created a strong need for regional healthcare firms and facilities, continuing-care retirement communities, and assisted living facilities are integral to serving rising local and regional demands. Healthcare and retirement-related businesses will find the workforce, space, and support they need to establish a successful operation in Beaumont.