Retail Developments

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Retail in Beaumont

From major retailers and restaurants to unique eateries and boutiques, the retail industry is strong in Beaumont, supported by its growing population. Many large, popular retailers are positioned along the major highways, including Interstate 10 and Hwy 79, and one-of-a-kind establishments are located throughout the city.   

Estimated 2023 Population in Primary Retail Trade Area
Projected 2028 Population in Primary Retail Trade Area

Beaumont offers a lower cost of living than the State of California, along with a median household income that is more than 9% higher, affording residents more disposable income to spend on leisure and retail.

Beaumont Median Household Income
State of California Median Household Income

Retail in Beaumont serves a diversity of needs, ranging from automotive sales to home and personal goods and dining and entertainment. Strong compound annual growth rate is projected between 2022 and 2027 for multiple industries, including restaurants, food service, and drinking places (alcoholic and nonalcoholic), health and personal care, automotive sales, home/construction, and specialty stores, such as sporting goods and pets/pet supplies.

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Establish Your Business in Beaumont

Whether you’re a well-established corporation or a burgeoning entrepreneur, the city and Beaumont Economic Development are here to work with your business to help you secure a prime location, procure incentives, and assist your business in any way possible.