Cornerstone BBQ storefront

A Vision for the Future

Located adjacent to I-10, along 6th St. and Beaumont Ave., Downtown Beaumont is a vital anchor of the community. The area has a rich history and maintains the historic development pattern of the California railroad, with many historical and civic buildings. Downtown Beaumont has immense potential, and through revitalization efforts and the implementation of the Downtown Vision Plan, the city is working to establish Beaumont as the Heart of the City—a vibrant and dynamic place to work, live, shop, and gather for special events. 

Downtown Vision Plan

Create a walkable, active, and pedestrian-oriented civic anchor with an exciting diversity of economic, residential, and cultural opportunities.

The Economic Development Department collaborates with city entities and local downtown businesses to further the implementation of the Downtown Development Plan and to bring economic growth and development to Beaumont.

Pedestrian-friendly environment with comfortable sidewalks and an inviting streetscape that meets the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles.

Experiential, diverse retail and entertainment core to generate daily activity in the daytime and evenings and create a dynamic environment

Single and multifamily housing developments that are supportive of retail and commercial uses, with live/work units permitted and encouraged.

Since 2022, the City Council has allocated $1,000,000 in funds to be spent on business incentive programs in the downtown area, including:

  • Façade Improvement Program

  • Business Attraction Incentive Program

  • Pre-Application Fee Waiver

  • Sewer Connection Fee Deferral Program

  • Fire Sprinkler Installation Program

Existing Downtown Land Uses
  • Downtown Core - Extended 6th Street - Civic and commercial services including the Beaumont Civic Center, City Hall, Police Department and other City offices. Extended 6th Street, and Beaumont Ave.

  • Downtown Mixed Residential - Single and multi-family residential

  • Beaumont Avenue - Mix of commercial buildings, single family homes, and vacant land

  • Beaumont Avenue Mixed Use - Professional office service and limited commercial activities, residential

  • Sixth Street Corridor Extended - Predominantly multi-family, commercial, and undeveloped land, with a few neighborhood-supportive uses and medical offices

  • Sixth Street Mixed Use - Commercial and multifamily housing

  • Sixth Street Mixed Use - Residential - Commercial, retail, multifamily housing, live-work units