Sewer Connection Fee Deferral Program


This policy provides indirect financial assistance through a two-year deferral of sewage disposal facility fees to support economic development and business retention and expansion goals with the Downtown Beaumont Area.

The goals are structured to promote Downtown Beaumont as a positive place for quality business, promote business expansion and attraction to enhance local economic growth, and ensure that government regulations promote a favorable business climate with the intent of furthering the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Beaumont. This fee deferral program is not to be equated with a loan program available through banking or financial institutions. As a public agency, the City is interested as much in the social benefits as return on investment. The return to Beaumont is multiple: increased investment in the business community, additional jobs, increased foot traffic and business activity, increased tax revenues and quality of life for our residents.

If you have any questions, you can reach us by email at or by phone at (951) 769-8527.