The Employment Training Panel program provides funding to employers to assist in upgrading the skills of their workers through training that leads to good paying, longterm jobs.

While the need for workforce training is critical, businesses generally reserve capacity-building dollars for highly technical and professional occupations – limiting investment in training for frontline workers who produce goods and deliver services. ETP helps to fill this gap by funding training that is targeted to the frontline workers.


ETP can contract directly with the following entities:

  • Single Employers

  • Groups of Employers

    • Chambers of Commerce

    • Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees

    • Trade Associations

    • Economic Development Corporations

  • Training Agencies

    • Community College or Community College District o University or University foundations o Adult School

    • Regional Occupational Program

    • Private training agency

  • Workforce Development Boards

• Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Grant Recipients or WIA Administrative Entities


  1. Basic registration on the program website.

  2. Orientation in person or via telephone

  3. Preliminary Application

  4. Visit and Meeting at Regional Office

  5. Application for Funding

  6. Approval