Potrero Interchange Project Secures Grant Funding

  • Jun 29, 2023
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Potrero Boulevard Interchange Project Secures $33.5 Million in TCEP Grant Funding

Beaumont, CA- The City of Beaumont is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of a substantial $33.5 million grant from the California Transportation Commission (CTC) program for Phase Two of the highly anticipated Potrero Boulevard Interchange project. The funding will be instrumental in advancing the development of this crucial infrastructure project, aiming to enhance connectivity, reduce congestion, and drive economic growth in the region.

The Trade Corridor Enhancement Program (TCEP) grant, awarded by the CTC recognizes the significance of the Potrero Boulevard Interchange project in addressing transportation challenges and supporting the future prosperity of the city of Beaumont and the Pass Area community. The grant is part of the 2022 Trade Corridor Enhancement Program and demonstrates the confidence and support of California Transportation Commission’s understanding of the vital infrastructure needed in the Inland Region and specifically the Pass area to support transportation in the State of California.

Phase one of the project was completed in 2019, with the construction of the freeway overpass at Potrero Boulevard. The overpass connects 4th Street and Western Knolls Avenue over State Route 60. The second phase of the Potrero Boulevard Interchange project, which will be funded in part by the TCEP grant, includes the addition of both East and West bound on/off ramps and will realign Western Knolls Avenue to connect the ramps to Potrero Blvd. This portion of the project will transform the interchange to facilitate the seamless movement of vehicles, improve safety, and alleviate traffic congestion in the city and along State Route 60. The completion of this project will enhance the overall quality of life for residents, commuters and most importantly aid truck transportation who utilize this interchange to by pass residential communities and retail areas.

The $33.5 million grant funding will contribute significantly to the implementation of the Potrero Boulevard Interchange project. It will be utilized to cover the costs associated with engineering, construction, and other necessary expenses. With this injection of funds, the project can now proceed according to schedule, ensuring its timely completion and subsequent positive impact on the community.

The Potrero Boulevard Interchange project has been a collaborative effort involving various stakeholders, including the City of Beaumont, CalTrans, the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG), and various other local and regional entities. The receipt of the TCEP grant funding underscores the collective dedication and hard work put forth by all parties involved, affirming the project's importance and value to the region.

The implementation of the Potrero Boulevard Interchange project is expected to bring numerous benefits to the City of Beaumont and is just one of the many projects currently underway in the City to improve traffic and connectivity. The City of Beaumont and the Beaumont City Council have made transportation a priority. With the inception of the Citywide Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) adopted in 2016, the city began identifying projects and allocating funding towards those projects. The CIP also allowed the city to begin reaching out to other local, state and federal resources to assist the city with funding for these projects. Some of these projects include the Pennsylvania Widening and Grade Separation Projects, Second Street Extension, the Highland Springs Interchange, and the Oak Valley Interchange projects.

The Pennsylvania Widening Project is currently under construction and was made possible with funding secured by Congressman Raul Ruiz, M.D., through the Fiscal Year 2022 House Omnibus Appropriations Funding.  The Highland Springs Interchange Project is being headed up and funded by RCTC. Additionally, last week RCTC approved funding for the City’s Second Street Extension Project, as well as allocated Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fees (TUMF) towards the Potrero Interchange Project.  

Lloyd White, City of Beaumont Councilmember and Vice Chair of the Riverside County Transportation Commission states, “Each of these projects are aimed to improve traffic flow to not only reduce commute times but also attract businesses, stimulate economic growth, and create employment opportunities within the County. I am proud to have represented Riverside County voters and working together with the City and the County Commission to allocate these funds to much these much needed projects.”

“The City of Beaumont would like to express its sincere gratitude to the California Transportation Commission for their generous support and investment in the Potrero Boulevard Interchange project. The TCEP grant funding will have a transformative impact on the region, and the City of Beaumont looks forward to completing this project in the very near future”. – Mayor Julio Martinez III

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