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  • Feb 17, 2023
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The Beaumont City Council has made revitalization of the City’s downtown business corridor a priority and we are happy to announce the opening of our Downtown Business Incentive Programs.  The Beaumont City Council previously approved $800,000 in funding in the 2022/2023 Fiscal Year Budget for the Downtown District. These funds were allocated towards a business incentive program to help attract new businesses and/or cover certain expenses to encourage improvements to existing businesses. Additionally $300,000 dollars of these funds were set aside to establish a revitalization and implementation plan for the downtown, this plan will build on the area plan already adopted in the 2021 General Plan Update. A contract award for the development plan was approved by City Council at the November 1, 2022, meeting.

With the assistance of City Staff, the Economic Development Committee and City Council, a draft downtown business incentive program was presented to property and business owners at a Downtown Business Meeting in September of 2022. Those who attended provided feedback and input on the available funding and how it might assist them in improving and/or attracting new businesses to the Downtown area. From there the City Council approved the following programs for new and/or existing businesses:

  • Business Attraction and Expansion Loan Program

  • Downtown Fee Waiver Program

  • Façade Improvement Program

  • Sewer Connection Fee Deferral Program.

More information about each of these programs, including program guidelines, applications, program flyers, as well as a map outlining the Downtown boundaries is available on the City website at Further information or questions about these programs can be directed to Economic Development Manager, Kyle Warsinski, at 951-769-8527 or

Councilmember Lloyd White stated, “We have made a commitment to our small businesses to invest in the revitalization of Beaumont’s downtown district. We believe allocating these funds towards these projects is a meaningful step in this process. We hope our businesses recognize our commitment and continue to partner with us to bring our downtown vision to life.”

The applications are open for consideration until the funding is exhausted. We look forward to working with our property and business owners to truly make Beaumont, A City Elevated.

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